How We Help

Americor Capital has earned a strong reputation for providing exceptional support when it comes to guiding equipment dealer representatives and end user businesses through the financing process.  Our goal is to make the financing piece of your project as seamless as possible for all parties involved.  Hear what our clients are saying!

Americor Capital Helps Furniture Dealer Secure Large, New Customer

Furniture leasing was nothing new to this Americor Capital client. As a preferred Haworth furniture dealer, the Dallas, TX-based company has worked with numerous financing sources. That is, until now. The furniture dealer was trying to win over a very large prospect, a telecom customer who was a heavy user of Teknion products. The prospect appreciated the Haworth product as well as the services offered by the dealer, but that wasn’t enough to warrant the pain of switching vendors.  Read More.

Testimonials from equipment manufacturers and resellers

  • I sell high efficiency, commercial lighting systems. I think we close about 30% more business thanks to Jim’s efforts. He makes the whole equipment financing process seamless for me and my clients. Jim stands out from other equipment financing providers.  I view him as more of a partner than a vendor. I am comfortable with Jim talking directly to my clients. I cannot say this about all my vendors.  -John Garcia, Straylight Optical Technologies
  • I use Jim and Americor Capital to support my clients’ office furniture financing needs. I have worked with Jim for many years.  What really stands out is how easy Jim makes the equipment financing process for me and my clients.  He’s proven himself so I am comfortable having Jim talk directly to my clients. This means I can focus on the office furniture and services my client needs. A nice bonus is that we get paid faster when my clients lease through Americor since we’re not extending our own terms. -Tracy M., Workplace Solutions
  • I used to work with several lenders when my clients wanted to finance my equipment. Now I rely on Americor Capital and have for over 10 years.  What I appreciate about Jim is that he understands the sales process and his role as a third party. He knows equipment financing, how to treat clients, and how to get deals done that meet my clients’ needs.  -Mark D., Cincinnati Time Systems

Testimonials from direct customers

  • I first met Jim when we were moving our global HQ. The dealer for our new office furniture introduced us. We needed a financing partner that was flexible and responsive, and Jim/Americor Capital lived up to our expectations.  He even flew out to our offices so he could meet our CFO and run through the financing numbers in person. With Jim’s help, financing the furnishings for our new global HQ was one of the smoother pieces of a massive undertaking. -Erika Lieser, Belkin International
  • My company has used Americor Capital to finance equipment for our company for about 10 years.  They are great at finding lenders that can provide the equipment financing structure and rates we need. They are very easy to work with, helpful, knowledgeable and responsive! -Ellen Kaines, National Bulk Equipment
  • We used Americor Capital to finance equipment for our organization. I liked Jim’s approach because he worked with us to find a financing solution that matched our unique needs. We are a nonprofit and needed to finance equipment and services that would be installed over a five month period.  He took the time to really understand our organization and find a lender that offered the flexible lease structure that worked with our construction schedule.   -Jim Slamp, The Conference Board

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