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Americor Capital provides financing solutions for the acquisition of capital equipment, office furniture, technology and software. In fact, we help companies acquire and finance just about any type of commercial-use equipment.


Vendors and suppliers of equipment and software
Companies who are acquiring equipment and software
Financial Institutions looking for a partner to deliver financing solutions to their clients

Our customers benefit from our ability to deliver flexible, creative equipment and software financing solutions with outstanding service and transaction turnaround time. While some equipment financing firms are large and impersonal, we take pride in being small enough to offer a personal touch to our service, yet large enough to handle our customers’ needs. Our customers receive one-on-one contact with our top financing professionals, fast service, and our commitment to helping our customers find the best financing solution.

Conserve Working Capital
Cash isn’t tied up in equipment purchases. Your cash can be used more effectively for investments, discounting supplies, advertising or improvements.

A simple one-page application is all that is needed to begin the credit approval process for up an amount up to 75K. No tax returns and no financials needed. A simple one-page Lease Agreement is usually the only document needed for a lease, which is designed to take the red-tape out of equipment financing.

Budgeting Assistance
A payment schedule can be customized to meet the needs of each customer. Unlike variable rate loans and lines of credit, lease payments are usually fixed, allowing you to budget efficiently.

Obsolescence Protection
With leasing, you can replace equipment before it becomes obsolete, wears out or reduces your productivity and profits.

Extends Credit Lines
Leasing provides a non-conflicting source of credit, thereby increasing your existing credit lines to be available for other uses.

Equipment Pays for Itself
Leasing allows the equipment to be paid for as it generates revenue.

Tax Savings
Leasing offers the option of deducting 100% of the lease payment as a business expense.

Benefit from flexible financing that can be matched to your cash flow patterns.

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Just about anything your business needs can be leased.
Some of the most commonly leased items are listed below.

Alarm & Security Systems
Arborist Equipment
Audio/Visual Equipment
Automotive Equipment
Cash Registers
Commercial & Industrial
Commercial Cleaning
Commercial Vehicles
Computer Hardware
Computer Software
Concrete Forms
Concrete Mixers & Pumps
Construction Equipment
Dental Equipment
Dry Cleaning
Editing Equipment
Embroidery Equipment
Fax Machines
Fork Lifts
High Efficiency Lighting
Ice Machines
Industrial Equipment
Irrigation Equipment
Laboratory Equipment
Lighting (non fixture)
Machine Tools
Mailing/Postal Systems
Manufacturing Equipment
Material Handling
Medical Equipment
Office Equipment
Mobile Communications
Musical Instruments
Packaging Equipment
Photography Equipment
Pressure Washers
Printing & Pre Press
Restaurant Equipment
Salon Equipment
Scales (Above Ground)
Security Systems
Sewing Machines
Signs (Approved Vendors Only)
Storage Containers
Telephone Systems
Time Management
Turf Equipment
Vending equipment
Voice Mail Interactive
Walk-In Freezers/Coolers

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Seasonal Payments
To meet seasonal fluctuations of cash flow this plan allows a payment schedule that meets with the peak and off-peak cash flow months.

6 x $99 – This allows you to make 6 payments of only $99 per month for the first 6 months of the lease depending on the equipment you choose.

Annual, Semi-Annual or Quarterly Payments
To meet your cash flow requirements, these plans allow you to pay 1, 2, or 4 times per year.

Custom structures available upon request.

Ready to Lease?
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