Tax Benefits of Equipment Financing!

October 12, 2017Comments Off on Tax Benefits of Equipment Financing!

Need a tax break before the end of this year? Here’s some information to make your tax burden a little lighter!

Did you know? Interesting Facts about Equipment Financing

September 6, 2017Comments Off on Did you know? Interesting Facts about Equipment Financing

**Did you know that by 2020, total investment in equipment and software is expected to reach $1.8 trillion, of which $1.24 trillion is projected to be financed.
**The top three reasons companies finance equipment acquisition over cash purchases were 1) optimization of cash flow, 2) protection from equipment obsolescence and 3) tax advantages.
**Alabama has the greatest growth increase of equipment financing at 9& compound annual growth rate, while South Dakota has the greatest decrease at -7.8%.
**As reported in the U.S. Equipment Finance Market Study: 2016-2017.

Health Information Technology Financing

August 17, 2017Comments Off on Health Information Technology Financing

Americor Capital provides software product financing for your health information technology requirements. We want to help you optimize your patient outcomes by providing you with the tools and services your practice needs today. We have a very strong customer service reputation when it comes to helping Patient Care Providers with the financing process. Americor Capital’s goal is to make the financing piece of the project as seamless as possible for you! Call us today at 248-313-9629 to find out how we can help you and your patients benefit from patient-centered coordinated care with your practice.

Americor Capital helps employee productivity

May 8, 2017Comments Off on Americor Capital helps employee productivity

Being happier and more productive at work…sounds great! Optimize the workplace experience to improve employee performance with creative new workstations, collaboration spaces, conference and meeting rooms. Fresh inspiration comes from being in a space that motivates and engages employees. Need financing to help move that inspiration off the drawing board and into action? We help companies find financing solutions. Call Americor Capital today at 248-313-9629.

Haworth Financing

April 19, 2017Comments Off on Haworth Financing

Haworth Design Studio and ITO Design have created a beautiful work of art combined with function in Fern — Inspired by Nature. Americor Capital has financing inspired by our nature to help our customers. We are Haworth’s preferred financing partner. Our financing plans enable customers to work at new levels of balance, flexibility and performance with their office furniture AND the financing of that furniture! Call Americor Capital today to find out how we can help your company get to work in beautiful new furniture from Haworth!

Thermotron Equipment Financing

April 13, 2017Comments Off on Thermotron Equipment Financing

Thermotron Industries ( is North America’s largest environmental test chamber manufacturer. They are a Michigan based company which celebrated fifty years in business in 2012. Americor Capital is proud to be able to help customers with their Thermotron equipment financing. Like Thermotron, Americor Capital is able to provide customers with a great product backed with unbeatable service and support. We are with you every step of the way in the financing process! If you need help acquiring Thermotron equipment, or just about any type of commercial-use equipment, call Americor Capital today at 248-313-9629.

Celebrations require cake!

April 11, 2017Comments Off on Celebrations require cake!

Celebrating our fifteenth anniversary is serious business which requires cake to make it official! Congratulations to Jim on fifteen years and to many, many more!

Celebrating 15 Years!

March 20, 2017Comments Off on Celebrating 15 Years!

Americor Capital, Inc. is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary on March 20th, 2017!  Congratulations to the Americor Capital Team for fifteen successful years of providing financing to their customers with outstanding service and turn around time!